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We view your event through the lens of a development director. We look for increased donor engagement and support, reduced costs whenever possible and unique opportunities to fundraise for your organization.

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Event Project & Timeline Management

Our comprehensive event project and timeline management services ensure every aspect of your event is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. From the initial concept to the final wrap-up, we coordinate all the moving parts to deliver a seamless and successful event experience.

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Fundraising & Development Strategy

Boost your fundraising efforts with our strategic planning and development services. We work with you to craft innovative strategies that engage donors, increase support, and drive the success of your fundraising campaigns.

Event Design & Decor

Transform your event space with our expert event design and decor services. We bring your mission and vision to life with creative themes, stunning visuals, and thoughtful details that create memorable experiences for your guests.

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Venue & Catering Management

Finding the perfect venue and catering is key to your event. We manage all aspects of venue selection and catering coordination, ensuring that your event environment is both suitable and memorable, and that your guests enjoy exceptional food and service.

Vendor & Logistics Management

Our vendor and logistics management services take the stress out of coordinating with multiple suppliers such as AV, rentals, florals, photography and decor. We handle all communications, contract negotiations, and logistical details, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on event day.


Audience Development Consultation

Grow and engage your audience with our expert consultation services. We help you identify and reach your target audience, develop effective engagement strategies, and build lasting relationships with your attendees.

Sponsorship Consultation

Maximize your event’s revenue potential with our sponsorship consultation and follow-up services. We are one of the only event companies that work with you to identify, approach, and secure sponsorships that align with your event’s goals, providing valuable exposure and support for your event.


Event Budgeting &
Goal Setting

Achieve financial success with our event budgeting and goal-setting management. We assist you in developing realistic budgets, setting achievable goals, and tracking progress to ensure your event meets or exceeds financial expectations.

Attendee Management, Registration & Reconciliation

Streamline your attendee management and registration process. We handle everything from online registration to on-site check-in, providing a hassle-free experience for your guests and accurate data for your team. And when the event is over, we enter all data, reconcile purchases and email receipts to guests.

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Volunteer Management

Effective volunteer management is crucial to the success of any event. We help you anticipate your volunteer needs, show you how to assemble a skilled team, and ensure everyone is aligned with their responsibilities, creating a smooth and enjoyable experience for both volunteers and guests.

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