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What’s in Our Event Bag?

Necessary Items to Have Onsite at Events

For every GFS event, we pack a bag of the essential supplies we’ll need on site. Here’s our list of must haves to help ensure you have a well-organized event. 

Notebook and Pen: The cornerstone of an event planner’s bag, a notebook and pen are essential for jotting down ideas, creating to-do lists, and taking quick notes during the event.

Laptop and Charger: A planner’s digital command center, the laptop should contain event details, timelines, vendor contracts, and communication tools that keep everything on track.

Smartphone and Charger: Your cell phone is indispensable for staying connected on the go. GFS Events recommends creating a group text with the venue contact and any appropriate vendors the day of the event to quickly communicate any needs. 

USB Drive: Load all digital event materials and documents, including the event program slide show, onto a USB drive in case online access is compromised.

Event Binder/Clipboard: Keep information accessible and organized with a centralized source of all event-related documents, contracts, floor plans, and schedules.

Checklists: Checklists with onsite and post-event tasks will ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Sharpie Markers: Use for labeling last minute dessert dash cards, materials, and signage.

Credit Card Swiper: Having a credit card swiper onsite will speed up the checkin process at registration.

Vendor Contracts: Hard copies of signed contracts are crucial for on-site reference and for addressing any discrepancies that may arise.

Event Timelines: A printed timeline helps ensure that everyone involved stays on the same page and follows the schedule.

Venue Maps, Layouts, BEOs: These documents assist in guiding vendors, setup teams, and attendees to their designated areas.

Permits and Licenses: Printed copies of permits, licenses, and certificates confirm compliance and address any inquiries from authorities.

First Aid Kit: Bandaids, antiseptics, pain relievers, and other basic medical supplies cater to minor mishaps and ensure clients, attendees, and your team’s comfort.

Emergency Contact List: Take a printed list with names and phone numbers of key contacts, vendors, clients, and team members in case of any unforeseen situation.

Snacks and Hydration: Provide energy bars and reusable water bottles to your team so they remain fueled and hydrated throughout a busy day.

If you want your next event to have all the supplies you need to have a successful event, click on the button below to schedule a consultation.


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