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Super Powers

What Makes the GFS Events Team Powerful

GFS Events has a super team that helps nonprofits further their missions. From being super detail-oriented to super efficient, examples of the GFS team’s individual super powers and organizations we’ve helped are highlighted below. Read more about what makes our team a powerful force in creating nonprofit events! 

Alex: Super efficient

Alex’s superpower of efficiency helped her shine at the Seattle Country Day School fundraiser. Alex and the team transformed Fremont Studios into the roaring 20s by building a custom speakeasy experience within the venue. To make sure everything went smoothly, Alex oversaw multiple-vendor set-ups and tear-downs, managed registration and checkout, and ran the show as stage manager.

Kavitha: Super analytical

Kavitha’s analytical nature helps her provide a seamless registration experience for our guests. Her meticulous management of guest and table seating spreadsheets allowed her to use her superpower to manage last minute guest changes and seating adjustments at the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation Gala. Quickly moving guests through registration was Kavitha’s top priority, and she did so with ease!

Laura: Super creative

Laura channeled her inner creative super powers to curate an unforgettable event for Villa Academy’s annual gala. Laura’s creative juices flowed as she brought the client’s vision to life at Fremont Studios, which is truly a blank canvas. A neon tree lane, a DJ dancing in a kaleidoscope of colors, and neon accents throughout the space – Laura’s creative super power turned the gala into a memorable experience for all guests!

Kerry: Super organized

Kerry used her Super Organized superpower to coordinate the participation of over 140 vendors for the Duvall Days Festival. This entailed collecting and categorizing vendor information and requests, maintaining seamless communication channels, and overseeing booth map placement. Her organization skills extended to overseeing the execution of vendor setup and tear down during the event, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for both vendors and attendees alike.

Colleen: Super outgoing

Colleen, a natural extrovert, seizes every chance to engage with event attendees, ensuring their needs are met and expressing gratitude for their support. Once, while assisting a guest by carrying centerpieces to her car, Colleen’s outgoing nature led to a heartfelt conversation where the guest shared a personal connection to the client’s organization. These interactions underscore the value of Colleen’s efforts, making the hard work all the more rewarding!

Amy: Super empathetic

Amy utilized her empathetic super power at Kirkland Arts Center’s Gala. Amy was tasked with answering volunteer questions at registration. One volunteer in particular was very nervous about entering the various guests’ information into the system as she had never done it before. Amy empathized with her and told her not to worry. Amy took the time to help the volunteer become comfortable with the task, and the volunteer was grateful for her efforts.

Gazala: Super calm under pressure

Planning events is stressful. Event planning is one of the top ten most stressful jobs! Gazala’s super power of being super calm under pressure allows her to take problems in stride — like the time a man with an ax appeared on the race course of one of our events. She calmly communicated with the police to find the man and quickly escort him off the course without any of the 2000 runners being the wiser!

If you want to learn how the GFS Team can use their super powers to help your nonprofit organization create an exceptional event, click on the button below to schedule a consultation.


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